Saturday, 11 April 2009

One Stop Craft Challenge

A very Happy Easter to everyone and I hope the weather is better where you are than it is here.Today being Saturday is the next challenge from One Stop Craft Challenge. This week Shelley has set the challenge and its 'Torn'.

The DT team have come up with some inspiration for everyone abd you can view all their crafty makes on the Challenge Blog plus details of the challenge, this week's prize and last week's winner.


pretty-pink-cards said...

Nice bit of tearing there Nikki

Caroline x

Faye said...

Great card, Nikki. I love the way you've done the edges of the torn paper. Really gorgeous.
Happy Easter!

Sharon said...

This card is wonderful Nikki. Such a beautiful combination of colours and paper. The flower is absolutely gorgeous. Your tearing is superb.
Sharon xx

June said...

Hi there Nikki, Ohhh i love the colours you chose on this one. What beautiful work too.
Thanks for your kind words on my own torn card. I rarely make cards these days but had fun making this one
Hugs June xxx

Maggie Bob said...

I love how you've inked the edges in blue - it makes the tears really stand out!

Hope you've had a lovely easter, and didn't eat too much chocolate!


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